Drow and Dark Elves

Elves live to be about 400 years old and become adults around age 60.

Due to the actions of some of the PCs going back to the dawn of time, Araushnee never betrayed the elven gods and never became a demon.

In the time before the gods and demon lords grew to power; Demogorgon began whispering lies to Araushnee and encouraging her to overthrow Araushnee. At the same time, he was giving her gifts of wine containing his demonic essence.

In the original timeline, this led her to betray the other gods and try to take control. Because the PCs uncovered Demogorgon’s plot and defeated him, Araushnee never turned to evil. Corellen never transformed the dark elves into the Drow. Instead, Araushnee transformed those dark elves that immigrated to the Underdark into Drow as a reward for their loyalty. The dark elves that stayed behind were not transformed.

She eventually separated the Drow from the other elves and took them to the Underdark. Her disagreement with the other elven gods was because of her lawful views. When she left, she changed her name to Lolth. She is still worshiped by elves of all sub-races.

Changes to the Gods:

Lolth* (L/N): She remains on amicable terms with the other elven gods even though she dwells apart. (She’s that weird cousin you only see at family gatherings and who goes on and on about her weird views on life.) She remains the elven goddess of weaving, destiny, artisans, law, and dark elves. She is known as The Weaver and still has a spider as her symbol. She once hunted down a demon prince named Zanassu who tried to claim dominion over spiders.

Ghaunadaur (C/E): The god of slimes and oozes is no longer worshipped by drow.

Eilistraee* (C/G): She remains the goddess of song, dance, sword-work, hunting, moonlight and beauty (an aspect she shares with Hanali Celanil). She still believes the drow should return to the surface.

Kiaransalee (C/E): The Vengeful Banshee is the elven goddess of undead and vengeance.

Selvetarm* (L/G): Is the god of vigilance against evil, particularly that which lurks in the darkness. He is the protector of those of good heart who live and work in the darkness. He has a hatred of mind flayers and undead.

Shevarash: The elven god of vengeance against the drow does not exist. The events that led to him becoming a god never happened.

Vhaeraun* (L/N): Is the god of those of who forge order out of chaos. Judges, magistrates, bureaucrats, and law enforcement often worship him.

Zinzerena (N/E): Is the elven goddess of assassins and thieves.

Keptolo (C/N): Is the elven god of intoxication and opportunism.

*Gods that look Drow

Changes to the Drow:

Drow are mostly lawful neutral. They tend to vary more toward good than evil. Their relations with the other good races are cordial. They are occasionally seen on the surface, usually in elven communities or large human cities. The drow have a deep enmity for mind flayers. They often send out war bands to hunt down mind flayers and other threats.

Drow society is very ordered. It is a meritocracy. If you have a position, it is because you earned it. There are no hereditary titles or positions. All Drow serve in the military for ten years before being allowed to take an adult name.

Changes to Drow Magic: At 1st level, a drow may learn the Light cantrip instead of the Dancing Lights cantrip if she chooses. At 3rd level, the Drow still learns Faerie Fire. At 5th level, the Drow does not learn the Darkness spell.

Drow Darkvision: Drow can choose either the normal 120 foot Darkvision with Sunlight Sensitivity or 60 foot Darkvision without sunlight sensitivity. The latter option is typical of Drow who grew up on the surface.

Language and Artisan Training: You gain proficiency in one set of artisan’s tools and learn one language of your choice.

Dark Elves:

Not all of the dark elves followed Araushnee into the Underdark. Some remained on the surface and were not transformed into Drow. Worship of Araushnee is still common among the Dark Elves, but it is not as prevalent as it is among the drow.

Dark elves are more pragmatic than other surface elves because they make their homes in less hospitable environments and live less cushy lives. They prize skill in craftsmanship more than they prize art and music.

Appearance: Dark Elves have skin ranging from light to medium-dark brown. Their hair is usually brown or black. Their eyes are often green, hazel or brown. Their features tend to be less soft than high or wood elves, but not as angular as drow.

Alignment: Dark Elves are usually good, and tend more toward law than chaos.

Ability score increase: Your constitution score increases by 1.

Dark Elf Weapon Training: You gain proficiency with the Longsword, Rapier, Longbow, and Hand Crossbow.

Language and Artisan Training: You gain proficiency in one set of artisan’s tools and learn one language of your choice.

Drow and Dark Elves

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