Great Eastern Prairie and Centerwood

The Great Eastern Prairie and Centerwood had a huge influx of refugees during the founding of the Eternal Empire, Dorrek’s Insurrection, The Dragon Scourge, and the Mage War. Each influx of refugees has completely altered the structure of settlements in the region.

It is a rich, fertile prairie with a wide variety of flora, fauna, and mineral resources. It could easily support ten times its current population.

Due to its history as a destination for refugees, the region has a broad mix of species. Most tribes have no fewer than a half dozen species in them and interspecies couples are commonplace. Centerwood has a slightly higher percentage of species normally native to forests, such as elves and pixies.

Most tribes are stationary, but many of the smaller tribes are nomadic. Some gypsy-like clans act as permanent caravans, traveling between settlements trading, performing and providing unique services. These gypsy clans were founded by members of the Romani Hills to the north who had fled south and wound up in refugee camps.

Most tribes or clans range from 700 to 5,000 people. The only settlements over 20,000 people are The Protectorate in the South, the Setite stronghold of Tjaru on the Alturin River in the Northeast, Zanna’s Rest on the shore of Mourning Lake, and Arachport on the edge of Webwood. Each of these is an important trading center for the people of the prairie.

Most of the current tribes originated as refugee camps during the Mage War which became permanent settlements. The different species lived intermixed for so long that camp, and later tribe, affiliation became more important than species or region of origin.

Dress is extremely varied, and there is no set style that extends to even all of the members of a single tribe.

Great Eastern Prairie and Centerwood

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