Hobbit of the Dazri Reaches

The Hobbits of the Dazri Reaches are nomads who use elephants as mounts and to carry their yurts. Howdahs are made very elaborate and often have many decorations and amenities. They have bred a small breed of elephants called holiphs for use as an individual mount that stands three feet tall at the shoulder.

A yurt is a portable tent/house that can be easily collapsed and transported.

The Dazri hobbits live in matriarchal clans. Marriages are usually arranged by the Clan Mothers (The councils of female elders that run the clans) when the various clans gather together. The clans usually gather at the equinoxes and solstices and for holidays. Clans will also meet for trading, as their routes often intersect. Genealogy is very important to the Dazri Hobbits and they are careful to ensure no inbreeding occurs.

The hobbits often paint their faces and exposed skin for a multitude of reasons. Any important event in a hobbit’s life (births, deaths, war, marriage, anniversaries, milestones, new ventures, etc.) is marked by painting themselves. Each paint job is a unique work of art, but there is a method to it. The colors and symbols used vary by the occasion and one familiar with the clans can read them.

The hobbits are primarily hunters and gatherers. Each clan has areas where they plant crops; but they are left to grow on their own.

Dress is often bold in cut and color unless their work requires otherwise. The hobbits believe one’s outfit should make a statement. They prefer combination tools, weapons, and musical instruments. They believe every item should serve as many uses as possible.

Requirements: Hobbit (Stout or Lightfoot), Native of the Dazri Reaches
Skill Proficiencies: Survival and either Animal Handling or Nature
Tool Proficiencies: Face Painter’s Kit, and one Artisan’s Tool Set
Equipment: A set of Artisan’s Tools, a face painting kit, a scroll detailing your lineage, a hunting trap, and a pouch with 10gp.

Feature: Combination tools, weapons, and musical instruments

The Hobbits of the Dazri Reaches are always mindful of getting the most benefit from the gear that they carry. Many items of their manufacture will perform two or more functions. You treat light Dazri Tools (those ending in “ik”) as simple weapons, heavy Dazri Tools (those ending in “ak”) as martial weapons, and may gain proficiency in the Dazri harp drum and other Dazri musical instruments. Training in the use of a Dazri Tool includes training in how to play them.

Equipment shows the combination items available.

Hobbit of the Dazri Reaches

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