Galan I declared himself first emperor of the Eternal Empire. He established a new calendar with years denoted as “Year of the Empire” (YE).

1576YE to 1578YE

The empire suffered its first defeat at the hands of an alliance of the wild elves of the Great Northern Woods and the mountain Dwarves lead by King Reggar XI and Clan Deep Hammer.

For two years, Melina I attempted to push North. Finally, in the winter of 578YE, she fell in battle under Reggar’s axe.

2876YE to 2939YE

Although she was not the first ruling empress, Ezrelda’s reign is considered the end of male dominance in the empire. By the end of her lengthy reign, most positions of power were held by women. The numbers came more into balance under her daughter and grandson’s reigns and remained roughly equal for the rest of the empire’s existence.

Ezrelda is also credited with the codification and standardization of law, and establishing the “Rule of Law”; where everyone, including the emperor or empress, was held to obeying the law. Regional governors lost a good deal of power under Ezrelda. No longer could they set tax rates or create local regulations. They were, however, given the tools and resources needed to effectively enforce the new body of federal laws they were charged with upholding. For the first time, the entire empire followed the exact same body of laws.

3581YE to 3598YE

The uprising known as Dorrek’s Insurrection began when Dorrek, a regional governor in the Northeast, attempted to secede from the empire.


In an event now known as “The Dragon Scourge”, “The Dragon War”, or “The Year of The Dragons”; flights of dragons began attacking cities and towns all over the empire. Dragons of all types and alignments took part in the attacks. Hundreds of thousands of people, and thousands of dragons, were killed in the fighting.


Emperor Galen XX, the last known living descendant of Galen I, was assassinated by his own Council of Mages, who attempted to seize power. The military and universities opposed the mages’ grab for power and tried to maintain order. Many regional governors attempted to seize power as well. Within months, the mages are bickering among themselves as well as fighting the other groups.

5001YE (1PE [Post Empire])

The Mage War began in earnest. Magics that reshape the land are unleashed. Entire cities are obliterated. A million people die in the first year of fighting.

5137YE (137PE)

The Mage War finally ends with the deaths of the last of the would-be usurpers. The former empire lies in ruins, three quarters of its people dead.

8994YE (3994PE)

The church of Tyr expels Mylor Draski and his followers; who form the True Tyrite Temple cult and take over Kismar later that year.

9000YE (4000PE)

The Deepening Tower is completed and apparently abandoned.

10000YE (5000PE)

Start of Campaign


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