Uliris makes most strangers do a double take. It’s one of only three sovereign states large enough to be called a country. It consists of the plains nestled between Venom Marsh, Webwood, and the Vetni hills.

The City of Ulus is a fair sized trade port. It even sees some airship traffic. The surrounding country is mostly farms and ranches with a small amount of mining. Its people are laid back country folk with a strong sense of fair play and justice. The majority of them are orcs.

Unlike most orcs, the Uli (as they call themselves) use surnames that are handed down from father to child. Many are based on an ancestor’s occupation, so you will run into orcs named Baker, Chandler, Carpenter, etc. There are descriptive names as well, Redfoot, Jorgson, etc. Some names are in common, others are derived from Orcish.

Uliris has its own language called Uli, which is an evolved form of orc that borrows from elven and dwarven. It is less guttural and has a larger vocabulary. It uses the dwarven script. All citizens are also fluent in Common and at least one other language.

Uliris enjoys good trade relations with its neighbors, though it took many hundreds of years for the dwarves to the north and the elves to the south to fully accept them. They still sometimes face bigotry when travelling.

The primary gods worshipped are those of civilization, agriculture, and crafts. Chauntea and Lolth both have good sized followings.


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