World Notes and House Rules

Water: There are no bodies of salt water. Even the oceans are fresh water. Animals/plants/creatures normally found in salt water (whales, sharks, Sahaugin, seaweed) are still present.

Divine Power: You must have a deity to gain divine powers. This includes Druids and paladins.

Gods Available: (TO BE UPDATED) 3rd Ed. Forgotten Realms, Grayhawk, Celtic, Norse, Egyptian, Cimmerian, Native American, Shamanistic (Nature Spirits), Draconic, Racial (Elven, Drow, Hobbit, Dwarven, Gnome, Orc, etc.). Others with approval. I may have forgotten some. I’m pretty flexible. The Greek gods are purposefully omitted.

Airships: Airships exist, both magical and dirigible, but are uncommon. More are seen near Myranthia because of the inter-dimensional trade.

Hobbits: They are Hobbits, not halflings. Halfling is a derogatory term as bad a ni***r.

Lifespan of Elves and Gnomes: Elves and Gnomes live for 350-400 years. Elves take their adult name at around 60.

Major Regional Languages:

Dazrin (Dazri Reaches)
Kridish (Beacon & Munwood)
Myran (Yoman Hills)
Romani (Romani Hills)
Seska (Great Eastern Prairie)
Tosh (Toshi Plains)
Uli (Uliris)
Yorrish (Plains of Myoni)
Zoth (Harrin’s Folly)

Alignment: Except in rare cases, species does not lock a being into a specific alignment. The alignment given for a species indicates the norm for that species’ culture. There will be exceptions. Note, for example, that the Orcs of Ulus are peaceful farmers.

Weirdness: You live in the aftermath of a war where reality was repeatedly ripped apart and rebuilt. Expect there to be areas where natural and/or magical laws are altered or inverted.

House Rules:

Hit Points: Max out your HP at levels 1-5.

Short Rests take half an hour, not an hour.

Regaining Hit Dice: You regain half of your hit dice after a long rest, with a minimum of five. You cannot regain more hit dice than you have expended.

Ioun Stones: Ioun Stones do not orbit your head. They must be implanted in your forehead to function. Implanting an attuned stone is an act of will that requires one round.

World Notes and House Rules

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