The Thousand Kingdoms

The Eternal Empire was supposed to last forever. It lasted for five thousand years; brought down by the Emperor’s own Council of Magi. The war that followed devastated the continent. Three quarters of the empire’s people were wiped out. Entire cities were turned to rubble.

Another five thousand years have passed. The scars of the Mage War are still visible. Ruins are more common than cities. Areas where magic fails or warps dot the landscape. Monstrosities created as weapons now roam free.

There are pockets of civilization. Most are not large enough to be called a country, mere city states. Most of the land is wild.

This is the world you were born into. Where do you hail from? The great metropolis of Myranthia, where angels and devils rule side by side? The Dazri Reaches where the Hobbits paint their faces and ride elephants? Vrimdalinora where the gnomes build their clockworks and arcane machines? Anvarrin, known for it’s corruption and poverty? Tjaru, home of the Settites, where snakes are precious and slaves disposable?

The Thousand Kingdoms

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