Tag: City


  • Rivermeet

    Rivermeet is best known for the number of different governments it's had in the last 500 years. It seems none last very long. The current government has been in power for twenty five years, and it's rumored that is twice as long as any of the others …

  • Seafort

    Seafort was once the largest naval base in the Eternal Empire. It has both the largest artificial harbor and the largest fortified harbor in the Western Thousand Kingdoms.

  • Shran

    Shran is a Hobbit city on the west coast of [[Jolshyre | Jolshyre]]. It looks like an oversized Hobbit village.Most of the buildings are built into the many hills, The streets wind around the hills. There is an Elven enclave at the East end of the …

  • Stormport

    The city and island share the same name. It's the only known city that was never claimed by the Eternal Empire. It is famous for its shipbuilding facilities.

  • Tjaru

    Tjaru is ruled by the Setittes. Slavery is commonplace. There is a segregated part of the city for visitors; where they are allowed some measure of freedom and basic rights. This is necessary for trade.

  • Tolmar

    Tolmar is a fun place to visit. The bars and gambling houses never close. Company can be found readily. Prostitution is not illegal (It’s not even addressed in the laws); but you won’t find anyone practicing it. The people have a looser, more casual, …

  • Zanna's Rest

    Settled by refugees during Dorrek’s Insurrection, Zanna’s rest is a busy trade port. The canal that connects it to Grangerton is one of only two huge canals known to exist. It follows the ancient’s road that was constructed at the same time. The canal …

  • Myranthia

    A thriving trade port, Myranthia has the most diverse population of any city in the Western Thousand Kingdoms. Less than half of the citizens are human and over fifteen percent are extraplanar or of highly unusual origins. The city does a fair amount of …

  • New Beacon

    Part of [[Beacon | Beacon]] New Beacon has become a major center of trade. It is a major trade port due to it being one of the only sources of several rare gems, ores, and plants. Merchants warn even their rivals to tread carefully due to the strict …

  • Old Beacon

    Part of [[Beacon | Beacon]] Old Beacon was once a medium sized trade port before New Beacon was founded. Today, its primary industry is fishing. It operates a Large fishing fleet and ships fish all over the Western Thousand Kingdoms.

  • Garrison

    Garrison was the main headquarters of the imperial army in the West and the empire’s main shipyard. Garrison, which is deep inland has a large man-made lake to accommodate its massive shipyards. It’s only connection to any other body of water is a …

  • Ulus

    Ulus is a good sized trade port and boasts both merchant and fishing fleets. It even sees some airship traffic. It is the capital of Uliris. It’s Library and University are well known.